Surprise! Outlast: Bundle of Terror for Released Nintendo Switch

Outlast: Bundle of Terror jump scares onto the Nintendo Switch eShop

Surprise! Outlast: Bundle of Terror has been released for Nintendo Switch on the eShop. Developer Red Barrels initially announced the port via Facebook and quickly went silent, until now.

Outlast: Bundle Of Terror assembles the first game and its Whistleblower DLC into one terrifying little package, slaps on a $19.99 price tag, and eagerly awaits to shorten your life with some heart-pounding horror.

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The release date for the Switch version of Outlast II is still unknown, but taking into account how Red Barrels just jump-scared the original onto the eShop without warning, we could theoretically be getting it anytime.

Outlast: Bundle Of Terror is now available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

For more on outlast check out our original review of the game and Whistleblower DLC review.

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