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Berkshire Museum Auction at Sotheby’s on Hold After Last-Ditch Effort by Massachusetts Attorney General

Opponents of the Berkshire Museum of Art‘s planned sale of 40 works from its collection—including two multi-million-dollar Norman Rockwell paintings—have succeeded, at least temporarily, in halting a series of auctions…
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Opponents of the Berkshire Museum Sale May Have Just Found an Ingenious Legal Loophole

In yet another attempt to halt the planned sale of works from the Berkshire Museum’s collection, a group of museum members filed a lawsuit in Boston today. The heirs of…
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Former Directors Voice ‘Deep Disappointment’ With Artist Pension Trust as Tensions Mount With Artists

Could a push to charge artists a $6.50 storage fee completely hobble one of the art market’s most ambitious experiments in financial engineering? The Artist Pension Trust is as closely watched…
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Manhattan District Attorney Says Antiquity Seized From the Met Should Be Returned to Lebanon

Two months after authorities seized an ancient head of a bull that was on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, a senior official in the Manhattan District Attorney’s…
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A Magazine Publisher Is Suing Virginia’s Prisons for Censoring a Rubens Painting of Adam and Eve

An inmate in a Virginia prison is still waiting for the June/July issue of The Humanist magazine, which was rejected by prison censors over a depiction of Adam and Eve…
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Air Travel Is Rough, Even for Art: Christie’s Sues Delta Over ‘Damaged’ Gerhard Richter Painting

Delta Airlines wants you to “keep climbing,” but it might be better to spare your art the bumpy ride—at least according to one lawsuit. Insurer Zurich American is suing the airline…
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‘Livid’ Graffiti Artists Sue Fashion Label Vince Camuto for Using Their Artwork in Ads

A group of New York-based graffiti artists is suing fashion brand Vince Camuto for alleged misappropriation and infringement of their mural work after it was used in a recent marketing…
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Contested Gurlitt Trove Makes Its Press Debut at Kunstmuseum Bern, Though Questions (And Mold) Linger

After a lengthy legal tug-of-war, the controversial Gurlitt collection has arrived at the Kunstmuseum Bern. Items from the trove were presented to an eager press by museum officials on Friday. The collection…
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Glafira Rosales Ordered to Pay $81 Million to Victims of the Knoedler Art-Fraud Scheme

Glafira Rosales, the disgraced Long Island art dealer who is currently the sole person detained in the massive Knoedler forgery case, was ordered by a federal judge to pay $81…
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Did Hobby Lobby Buy Up Iraqi War Loot in Its Quest to Amass Biblical Artifacts?

Hobby Lobby, nationwide arts and crafts chain owned by an evangelical Christian family, professes a mission of “honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a…
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