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Judge Throws Out Closely-Watched Lawsuit Against the Agnes Martin Authentication Committee

That exhalation you just heard is the sound of art authentication boards and catalogue raisonné authors across the country breathing a sigh of relief. In what is being heralded as…
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The Met Will Return Antiquities to Both India and Nepal

This week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art finds itself in the middle of a rash of stories about returned antiquities. First up was a looted idol of the goddess Durga, or Mahishasurmardini,…
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UK to Introduce ‘One of the World’s Toughest Bans on Ivory,’ With Only a Few Exceptions for Cultural Objects

The UK government plans to ban the sale of ivory of any age, making fewer exemptions than the US or China. The Environment Secretary Michael Gove called the planned legislation…
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The Decades-Long Dispute Over Artwork Owned by Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos Is Going to Trial

It is one of the longest-running and most complex international disputes over artwork ever recorded—a three-way battle over millions of dollars worth of art and other assets once owned by notorious…
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Artists Sign Petition Supporting the Parole of Herman Bell, Who Spent 47 Years in Prison for Murder

Several prominent artists and cultural figures have signed a petition backing release of former Black Liberation Army member Herman Bell, who spent nearly 50 years behind bars for the murder…
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This Artist Sued New York’s Largest Museums for Excluding Him. Now, His Day in Court Has Arrived.

While many artists believe they deserve more recognition than they’ve received, most just complain about it to their friends. Artist Robert Cenedella has gone a different route: He’s taken the…
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Belgian Police Raid Homes as an Investigation Into Russian Avant-Garde Forgeries Widens

The investigation into a possible rash of forged avant-garde Russian artworks is intensifying in Belgium, where a civil complaint has led police to raid homes across the country. In January,…
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How Investigators Used Invisible Ink to Unmask the Largest-Ever Native American Art Fraud Conspiracy

Law enforcement is finally cracking down on the scourge of counterfeit Native American jewelry, which has run rampant in the Southwest for decades. A watershed moment is set to arrive…
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After 5Pointz, Can Artists and Developers Ever Work Together Again? Experts Lay Out the Way Forward

Artists, real estate executives, and copyright experts are still absorbing last month’s shocking conclusion to the closely watched 5Pointz trial. On February 12, a judge ruled that New York property…
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UK Art Dealer Matthew Green Charged In $9 Million Picasso Money Laundering Scheme

US government officials have charged British art dealer Matthew Green with using a pricey Picasso painting to help launder more than $9.2 million (£6.7 million), a representative for the Department of…
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