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Berkshire Museum Victory: Massachusetts Attorney General Agrees to Art Sales, With Rockwell Going to Public Institution, Some Conditions

Norman Rockwell, Shuffleton’s Barbershop, 1950. COURTESY SOTHEBY’S The Berkshire Museum is close to realizing its plan to sell artworks from its collection in order to raise funds and pursue a…
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Massachusetts Attorney General Nears Completion of Berkshire Museum Probe

The Berkshire Museum. COURTESY THE BERKSHIRE MUSEUM Those waiting for the next big development in the Berkshire Museum’s quest to sell 40 pieces from its collection in order to raise…
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Massachusetts Appeals Court Pauses Berkshire Museum Sale [Updated]

A poster of works by Norman Rockwell from the Berkshire Museum that are to be sold, on the exterior of Sotheby’s in New York. ARTNEWS The battle over the Berkshire…
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Norman Rockwell’s Sons Sue Berkshire Museum, Seeking Halt to Sotheby’s Sale

A protest against the Berkshire Museum sale in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, on September 10. ANDREW RUSSETH/ARTNEWS With just weeks to go before Sotheby’s offers works from the Berkshire Museum on the…
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Museum Alliance and Directors Group Issue Open Letter Criticizing Berkshire Museum’s Deaccession Plan

The Berkshire Museum. VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Following the Berkshire Museum’s decision to deaccession 40 works from its collection, the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Art Museum Directors…
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