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Book Review: The Silver Way by Stephen Silver

The Silver Way book photo via CAE ReviewsBooks This post may contain affiliate links.If you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you(learn more )…
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An American in Paris: Berenice Abbott’s Early Portraits

Berenice Abbott, Jean Cocteau, from the series “Paris Portraits: 1925-1930.” STEIDL, STEILD.DE At first glance, Berenice Abbott’s art seems distinctly American. Supported by both the public money and spirit of…
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Best Books On Realism & Realistic Drawing Techniques

Featured photo via @northernrealist Almost every artist should practice realism in some way. Drawing from life is ultimately how you develop raw skill and translate that into anything you wanna…
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Best 3D Modeling Books For Digital Sculpting

Photo via @aamarus13 The 3D modeling process is not easy but it’s crucial to every video game & animated film. There’s a huge industry of modelers who create digital models…
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15 Best Maya Books From Beginner To Advanced

Screen via Steve Abrahart The 3D design software Maya is a must-learn program for entertainment artists. This is used with pretty much all production pipelines from 3D animated films to…
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Best Oil Painting Books For Beginners

Photo via @meghan_oona_clifford Traditional art has been around a lot longer than digital and it’s gonna be around for centuries to come. Oil painting is a great place to start…
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Best Color Theory Books For Artists

Featured image source Color choice is a huge topic for concept art, illustration, and all types of entertainment art. Whether you’re working in oils or digital painting it’s crucial that…
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Best Books For Aspiring Visual Development Artists

Omar Smith visdev artist source Thousands of artists want to break into visual development work. It’s a fun job that affords a ton of creativity for artistic direction on movies,…
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Best Books On Drawing From Your Imagination

Sketches by CyanAli Learning to draw from your imagination is essential for entertainment art. Animators, illustrators, concept artists, these types of artists can all draw from their imagination with incredible…
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Best Books On Drawing & Painting Flowers

Photo via @zharovalena Learning to draw flowers is mostly about drawing from life and observing what you see. But this is much easier said than done! A teacher can always…
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