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Ben Tallon: Football crests are a minefield – but don’t attack the designer

Freelance illustrator, columnist and Leeds United fan Ben Tallon talks about how vitriolic social media attacks are not the way forward when a football club’s new logo goes horribly wrong.…
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Freelance State of Mind: is university really the only option?

Illustrator and designer Ben Tallon looks at how rising tuition fees are deterring budding creative students, and asks whether short courses could be just as valuable. By Ben Tallon August…
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Freelance State of Mind: “You have to embrace risk”

On the surface of it, “making it” is something rarely ever as beautiful as the gleaming idea seems in the eye of the outside onlooker. To truly carve a niche…
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Freelance State of Mind: creativity’s impact on our mental wellbeing

Whether you’re drawing, fanaticising over comic books or exploring a niche film genre, engaging your creative side can have a positive impact on mental health, explains freelance illustrator and columnist…
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Freelance State of Mind: Which criticism should you listen to?

We’ve all been in that particular relationship, where you made a well meaning comment about whatever it was, only to see your loved one turn on their heel and walk…
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