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Inside the Ecuadorean Embassy, an Artist Paints Epic Portraits of Julian Assange

Among the few visitors permitted to see WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, his refuge of the past five years, is the artist and filmmaker George Gittoes, who has…
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In Post-Harvey Houston, Artists Can’t Look Away From the Inequalities Exposed by the Storm

Today is Wednesday, September 6, in Houston, Texas. On the evening of Friday, August 25, Hurricane Harvey slammed into Corpus Christi and Rockport about 200 miles south of my home.…
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The Unused Confetti From Hillary Clinton’s Election-Night Loss Is Now a Work of Art

There’s no denying the first half of 2017 would have been very different had Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. In her current St. Louis gallery exhibition,…
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Pizzagate Cabal Targets Artist Over Pictures of Her Children

Pizzagate, the bizarre debunked Internet conspiracy theory, which claimed that the Democrats were running a child-sex ring operation out of pizza restaurants, has an unexpected target: London-based artist Maria Marshall,…
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Facebook Is Celebrating Its Astonishing Two Billion Users With a New Video. Here’s What It Means for Art.

Facebook has hit two billion monthly active users. That’s two billion souls united in sharing inspirational memes, stalking their exes, and engaging in nasty arguments with people they have never met.…
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CNN Hires an Artist to Sketch White House Presser After Cameras Are Banned

With the White House now routinely banning cameras at press briefings, CNN is getting creative. On June 23, the news network dispatched a veteran courtroom sketch artist William J. Hennessy, Jr. to…
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Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Exhibition Proves Donald Trump’s Tweets Are Really Art

Thanks to The Daily Show, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account isn’t just infamous—it’s art. The long-running Comedy Central show, hosted by South African comedian Trevor Noah, presented a New York…
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David Choe’s Controversial Bowery Mural Targeted in Protest Against Rape Culture

The Bowery Mural, currently home to a controversial work by street artist David Choe, will be the site of an anti-rape protest and performance art piece titled “NO MEANS NO” on June…
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Creative Time’s Flag Project Gets Political on President Trump’s Birthday

Just in time for Flag Day, celebrated on June 14 each year, New York’s Creative Time has successfully launched its “Pledges of Allegiance” project. The day was kicked off by…
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Why Was Marilyn Minter’s ‘Resist’ Flag Removed From the Lever House?

New York’s Lever House, at Park Avenue and East 53rd Street, has been accused of censorship after taking down a flag designed by Marilyn Minter. The banner, with the word “RESIST” emblazoned…
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