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Richard Prince Transforms Donald Trump’s Accusers Into Art to Fund Grassroots Voter Registration

It’s no secret that art star Richard Prince has a penchant for cryptic tweets. But the famous appropriation artist was up to something different recently when he tweeted a composite image…
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‘Every Artist Who’s Not a Lunatic Is Concerned’: Brazil’s Art Scene Struggles to Find a Unified Response to Political Turmoil

São Paulo’s annual gallery night on Monday was full of more excitement—and anxiety—than usual. On the eve of the country’s premier art fair, SP-Arte, the popular gallery Vermelho presented a…
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German Culture Minister Meets With France to Find Common Ground on Colonial Heritage and European Policy

The German minister of state for culture, Monika Grütters, and her French counterpart, Françoise Nyssen, met in Paris on Friday, April 6, to discuss common projects and concerns, including a…
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A Guantánamo Detainee Is Fighting the US Government for the Right to Display His Art

The lawyer for Ammar al-Baluchi, a detainee-turned-artist held at Cuba’s Guantánamo Bay dentition facility, is pushing the government to stop restricting access to his artwork. After he was included in…
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An Anarchist Art Collective Transformed a Trump Tower Hotel Suite Into a Prison Cell for the President

Is Donald Trump a prisoner of his own gilded cage? One anarchist art collective seems to think so. Operating with the utmost secrecy, the anonymous group INDECLINE infiltrated Trump International Hotel and…
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Trump Signs Bill Banning the Government From Funding Oil Paintings of Politicians

Official government portraits may soon become a bit less luxurious. President Donald Trump has signed the Eliminating Government-funded Oil-painting Act, also known as the “Ego” Act, into law. No longer can…
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Artist Wolfgang Tillmans and Architect Rem Koolhaas Think the European Union Gets a Bad Rap. So They Want You to Rebrand It.

The artist Wolfgang Tillmans and architect Rem Koolhaas along with his colleague at his firm OMA, the architecture historian Stephan Petermann, are calling on fellow creatives to help rebrand the…
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Trump Signs a New Spending Bill That Increases Funding for the NEA and NEH, Despite Threats to Veto

Donald Trump may want to defund the NEA and NEH, but Congress has other plans, apparently. As part of a last-minute $1.3 trillion federal spending bill that passed this morning,…
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‘National Geographic’ Turned to a Photo Historian to Help Reckon With Its Colonialist Past. Even He Was Unsettled by What He Found

After more than a century of covering the Earth’s manifold splendor and diverse peoples through distinctly Western eyes, leaving it open to charges of colonialism (if not outright racism), National Geographic…
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A Statue of an African American Woman Will Replace a Confederate General in the US Capitol

The civil rights leader and educator Mary McLeod Bethune will be the first African American figure to be honored with a monument in the National Statuary Hall in the US Capitol. Fittingly,…
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