THE BLACK OCTOPUS (EL PULPO NEGRA): The Onetti Brothers to Revive The Popular Argentine Suspense Series

THE BLACK OCTOPUS (EL PULPO NEGRA): The Onetti Brothers to Revive The Popular Argentine Suspense Series

New from Cannes today is that Nico and Luciano Onetti, the brothers behind the Giallo trilogy Sonno Profondo, Francesca and the upcoming Abrakadabra, and psycho hillbilly horror What The Waters Left Behind, will direct an upcoming revival of a popular Argentine suspense miniseries from 1985 called El Pulpo Negro, The Black Octopus

A man extorts several people so that they kill other people and leave the figure of a black octopus beside each cadaver.

The brothers, whose work load never seems to let up, will work with the original screenwriter Luis Murillo and his son, Luis Murillo Arias. Luis wrote another popular suspense series called El Internado, The Boarding School, about ten years ago. 

The brothers will also get the support of Hernán Moyano, who has worked with another pair of brothers whose names go hand in hand with Iberoamerican genre cinema, Ramiro and Adrien García Bogliano. Moyano was a writer, editor and producer of their films Watch’em Die, Cold Sweat, Penumbra, White Coffin and more. 

The original series starred Narciso Ibáñez Menta, and our Argentinian and Spanish speaking friends can chime in, but we get the sense that he was kind of a big deal for Iberoamerican fantastic cinema. So much of a big deal his name should be synonymous with the greats like Vincent Price and Christopher Lee no? At least on that level of greatness to his own people? 

For now, our known world of horror and terror cinema continues to expand as our friends in Iberoamerica continue to bring us more fantastic projects. 

As part of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, the new version of “The Black Octopus” (“El Pulpo Negro”) was announced. The suspense miniseries starring “Master of Horror” Narciso Ibáñez Menta, broke all the audience records in Argentina in the 80s.

The project is a co-production between Argentina, Spain and New Zealand and will be a feature film and a tv series. It will bring together the main exponents of horror films in Iberoamerica.

The script will be written by Luis Murillo, the original author of “The Black Octopus“, who along with his son Luis Murillo Arias (screenwriter of “El Internado“, the successful series of Antena 3) will maintain the spirit of the legendary series of the ’80s adjusting it into a modern version for the current times.

The Black Octopus” will be directed by brothers Luciano and Nicolás Onetti (“Abrakadabra“, “What the Waters Left Behind“, “Francesca“), who received the “Best Promising Directors” award the last year SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and who have been named as the new “wonder boys” of the Argentinian horror cinema by the international press.

The project will be produced by 16: 9 Cine and Black Mandala, with the support of Hernán Moyano (“Cold Sweat”, “Penumbra“), one of the main references of Latin American genre film, along with Roberta Sanchez, who also carry out the upcoming production “Under your Feet “, it will be co-produced by Warner Bros., Haddock Films and Tornasol Films. 

In the gallery – L to R – Ralph Haiek (INCAA president), Nicolas Onetti (Director), Luis Murillo Arias (scriptwriter), Angel Sala (Director of Sitges film festival) and Javier Fernandez Cuarto (Blood Window) during the presentation of the project at 71st Cannes film festival.  

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