THE BROKEN GEAR: Don’t Miss The Debut Trailer For Epic Rival’s Long-Awaited Final Fight Fan Film

THE BROKEN GEAR: Don't Miss The Debut Trailer For Haile Lee's Long-Awaited Final Fight Fan Film

In what feels like ages since we last heard from independent filmmaker Haile Lee, his trailer unveiling of upcoming action short, The Broken Gear, serves as a warm welcome for fans of action cinema online. The project takes its cues from the classic Capcom beat ’em up game, “Final Fight” which made it a fitting feature to endulge in for attendees earlier this year at MagFest with Mason Davis and Power Rangers: Dino Charge series actor Yoshi Sudarso headlining the cast as game favorites Cody and Guy.

When the suffering citizens of Metro City have all but lost hope against the constant threat of violence and crime put upon them, two Metro City natives rise up to battle the root of the oppression, the Mad Gear gang. Mike Haggar, former champion wrestler, street fighter, and newly elected Mayor of Metro City, ushers in a strong political stance against the Mad Gear gang. Going public, Haggar quickly realizes the threat is far more ingrained than he could have ever imagined. On the street level is Cody Travers, a young man tired of living his life in fear who has reached a point of no return. Cody’s answer is to fight fire with fire and bring fear and violence back to the Mad Gear gang. Will their tactics to save their city root out the gang problem ? or is it just a catalyst that will envelope the city into chaos…

Don Frye also joins in as the aforementioned Mike Haggar along with a cast of action-packed performances from a rousing talent roster, including Vonzell Carter, and Sam Puefua, and with the incomparable Brendon Huor directing the action.

The Broken Gear releases later this year, serving as a revival of sorts for Lee’s longstanding film banner, The Game Basement Productions apart from his concurrent work at Epic Rival. The new fan flick should also whet appitites for Sudarso’s loyal following ahead of his debut lead role in Mike Wiluan’s own freshman turn at the helm, Buffalo Boys. The actor and I shared a discussion on this and I’m more than pleased to publish it very soon over at my own platform which you can keep up with on Twitter at @FCSyndicate.

Watch the trailer below!

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