The Division 2 Known Bugs and Fixes

This page contains information on all the known bugs and issues found in The Division 2 and how to fix them.

Many issues will likely be fixed by patches so make sure you’re running the most recent version of The Division 2 and have a good internet connection as the first step for any fix.

Frame Rate Issues[edit]

Many players, especially on the PlayStation 4 have reported experiencing stuttering frame rates to the point where The Division 2 can be unplayable in more intense open world areas.

Currently, the best-known fix is to return to the game’s main menu or close the application entirely and come back into the game. Hopefully, a more permanent fix will be included in an upcoming patch.

Same Network Issues[edit]

Players were reporting issues when two accounts on the same network tried to join a game which would kick the host into an unplayable mode.

Ubisoft has reportedly fixed this issue but if you are having this problem try quitting the game and rejoining or you can try disabling the UPNP settings on your router if you’re familiar and comfortable with that technology.

Error Messages[edit]

These are examples of some of the official error messages you may encounter, what they mean, and how to fix them.

Bravo Error Messages[edit]

Encountering a “Bravo” error message means you may be experiencing Uplay issues.

Ubisoft recommends restarting Uplay and making sure it’s in online mode. If this doesn’t work try restarting your modem/router and your pc to help fix the issue.

Charlie Error Messages[edit]

“Charlie” error messages indicate the EasyAntiCheat software isn’t active.

If you need help with this software check out the official troubleshooting website for The Division 2.

Delta Error Messages[edit]

“Delta” error messages are linked to connection issues and were also more prevalent during the public beta.

Ubisoft recommends restarting your modem/router and your /pc/console to help fix the issue.

Echo Error Messages[edit]

Ubisoft doesn’t explain exactly what the Echo-01 error message means but advises players to log out and wait for 15 minutes before trying to relaunch the game.

Mike Error Messages[edit]

If you see a “Mike” error message this means the servers aren’t able to read your profile. This was a very common problem during the public beta.

Ubisoft recommends waiting a few minutes before trying to log in again to fix this issue.

Oscar Error Messages[edit]

An Oscar error message indicates your firewall or proxy may be causing problems when trying to play The Division 2.

Adjust your firewall or proxy settings to allow The Division 2 permissions to solve this problem.

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