The Most-Read Articles of 2016

David Hockney’s workspace in the Hollywood Hills, which appeared in Katherine McMahon's February article ©KATHERINE MCMAHON

David Hockney’s workspace in the Hollywood Hills, which Katherine McMahon visited for an article published in February. 


Let’s keep this introduction short. Below is a chronological list of the 20 articles that were read most on this year. They range from profiles of artists, like Kerry James Marshall and Kenneth Anger, to news reports (New York dealer Lisa Cooley closing her gallery, Oscar Murillo destroying his passport), to a look at the hyper-professionalization of emerging artists. Another hot topic: the Trump family and art. But enough chatter. Here are the articles.

Thornton Dial, Pioneering Artist, Dies at 87, by Andrew Russeth (January 26)
Vanessa Beecroft on Ditching the Art World for Kanye West, by Nate Freeman (February 17)
The Devil in the Details: Kenneth Anger Nears 90, by Nate Freeman (February 23)
L.A. Habitat: David Hockney, by Katherine McMahon (February 26)
The Storyteller: Faith Ringgold Looks Back by Andrew Russeth (March 1)
The Painter of Modern Life: Kerry James Marshall, by Sarah Douglas (March 2)
– Go Pro: The Hyper-Professionalization of the Emerging Artist, by Daniel Palmer (March 9)
Bakoon on Twitter, Politics, Horror, and So Much More, by Hannah Ghorashi (March 22)
Trump and the Arts, by M. H. Miller (April 4)
Behind the Scenes of Knoedler Gallery’s Downfall, by M. H. Miller (April 25)
Oscar Murillo Deported From Australia After Destroying His Passport, by Nate Freeman (April 11)
Tony Feher, Sculptor of Objects With Far-Reaching Meaning, Dies at 60 by Alex Greenberger (June 24)
Black Bodies, White Cubes, by Taylor Renee Aldridge (July 11)
Just a Bunch of Pictures of Ivanka Trump With Mediocre Art, by M. H. Miller (August 8)
Lisa Cooley on Closing Her Gallery, by Sarah Douglas, (August 29)
The 2016 ARTnews Top 200 Collectors List, by The Editors (September 6)
Can Someone Please Stop Thomas Heatherwick’s Monstrosity?, by Andrew Russeth (September 20)
A Testy Ai Weiwei Speaks With Tania Bruguera, by Angela Brown (October 31)
Marina Abramovic on Right-Wing Attacks, by Andrew Russeth (November 4)
Here’s Why Westworld Mentioned Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, by Alex Greenberger (December 5)

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