THE RITUAL: Listen To An Exclusive Track From Ben Lovett’s Score For The Acclaimed Horror Film

THE RITUAL: Listen To An Exclusive Track From Ben Lovett's Score For The Acclaimed Horror Film

David Bruckner’s acclaimed horror film The Ritual releases globally tomorrow on Netflix and with that release will also come the release of the official score of the film via Lakeshore Records. And if you want an early taste we’ve got that for you below with an exclusive peek at a track from that score.

Lovett describes his mandate on the score here in very simple terms – “I wanted to make The Ritual sound like it looked.” – and that decision led him to work exclusively with instruments made of wood in collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra, who are also known for their work on Jonny Greenwood’s scores. And the results are impressive.

Give a listen to the track below and check out the trailer for the film below that. And you can check out the Lakeshore Records website here.

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