THE TOYBOX: Mischa Barton And Denise Richards Battle a Possessed RV in New Teaser

THE TOYBOX: Mischa Barton And Denise Richards Battle a Possessed RV in New Teaser

Mischa Barton and Denise Richards star in the new horror film from the director of ClownTown

The problem with buying used vehicles is that you are undoubtedly inheriting someone else’s problems. Or, in the case of Tom Nagel’s new film The Toybox, the previous owner’s homicidal tendencies. 

Now that word has gotten out that The Toybox will have its world premiere at Texas Frightmare at the beginning of May, Screen Anarchy has been asked to share the new teaser trailer and poster with you! 


A new teaser trailer and artwork have dropped for new supernatural thriller feature THE TOYBOX, starring Denise Richards and Mischa Barton, from CLOWNTOWN director Tom Nagel. The movie just got accepted into a coveted screening slot at Texas Frightmare Weekend in May and is aiming for a summer release.

THE TOYBOX concerns an estranged family who go on a trip to the desert but become stranded by their RV, which is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. The screenplay is by Jeff Denton, with Nagel, his brother, Brian, and Jeff Miller (OUIJA HOUSE, INOPERABLE) also contributing to the story.

The film also stars Denton, Brian Nagel, Greg Violand, Matt Mercer (CONTRACTED 1 & 2), Malika Michelle, David H. Greathouse (LATE PHASES), and Katie Keene.

The Nagel brothers produced through Steel House Productions along with fellow CLOWNTOWN alums Miller (through Millman Productions) and Denton. Jim Jacobsen, Eric Brenner, and Ronnie D. Lee are executive producers. Ken Stachnik is Cinematographer.

Greathouse and Beki Ingram handled special makeup FX. Ryan Pilz was Production Designer. Holly Amber Church scored the film.

New company Skyline Entertainment is handling domestic distribution, while CineTel Films is handling foreign sales.

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