Toronto 2018 Interview: Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Savannah Knoop, and Justin Kelly on JEREMIAH TERMINATOR LEROY

The JT LeRoy story – or hoax, as some would prefer to call it – all comes down to how one chooses to perceive it. Those who say “nay”, scoff it off as the story of a malicious literary swindler who only garnered international acclaim on account of her fraudulently extravagant backstory and her attention-addict patsy. For yaysayers, the multifaceted Laura Albert and Savannah Knoop story is extravagantly fraudulent and thus full of scintillating appeal. At its best, the JT LeRoy story is the ultimate Dadaist, situationist, ‘prank’ on pop-culture, that not-entirely intentionally lampooned the high society art scene, while raising fascinating talking points around identity manipulation, displacement in performance art, and the liberation of permission as an essential excuse for expression. Through the avatar,…

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