Unlock Every Character in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

There are eight playable characters in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. This page details how to unlock all of them, and how each of their fighting styles differ.

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Guts in the main protagonist in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk and who you will play with for the majority of Story Mode. He uses a large sword initially, but eventually graduates to using an even larger sword, the Dragonslayer, once he becomes “The Black Swordsman.”

Because his weapon is so large, Guts makes slow, but very wide swings, and is capable of taking out large groups of enemies with just a few swings.

Once you unlock Guts’ Berserk Armor after the mission “Familiar” in Story Mode, you will be able to transform into Berserker mode while in Frenzy with this armor equipped (press R1).

Unlock Griffith by completing “First Battle” in Story Mode. 

Griffith fights with a quick sabre, performing incredibly fast piercing combos on opponents. He relies on dealing numerous blows on his enemy, and increasing Griffith’s Technique will up his rate of rapid fire stabs even more. 

Griffith’s Square x4 + Triangle combo offers fantastic movement through crowds while simultaneously eradicating them.

Complete 100 floors in Endless Eclipse Mode to give Griffith the ability to transform while in Frenzy Mode (press R1).

While transformed, he gains the Sub-Weapon Dimensional Distortion.

Unlock Casca by completing “First Battle” in Story Mode. 

Casca’s fighting style incorporates martial-arts style kicks and acrobatics with her sword swipes. She’s a fast character that becomes even faster in Frenzy Mode. 

Her Square x7 + Triangle combo is a great attack for mobility. 

Use Casca’s exclusive Sub-Weapon, Rush, to buff her speed. 

Unlock Judeau by completing “First Battle” in Story Mode.

Judeau specializes in knives, and dual-wields daggers as his main method of attack. His Throwing Knives Sub-Weapon is much more powerful than Guts’ knives.

He’s a very mobile, swift character. In Frenzy Mode, his normal attack chains infinitely and he strikes even faster than usual.

Unlock Nosferatu Zodd by completing his self-titled mission in Story Mode.

Zodd appears a few times as an opponent in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Story Mode. After you first defeat him, he will be available as a Playable Character in both Free Mode and Endless Eclipse Mode.

Zodd fights with a great sword, but as a strong and inhuman Apostle, he can wield it with one hand. Sometimes he pulls out an axe, duel-wielding both sword and axe. Zodd can use his Sub-Weapon Roar to stun enemies around him.

In Frenzy Mode, Zodd can transform into his full Apostle Form, in which he appears as a winged beast with the face of a lion the body of a minotaur. In this form, he can glide around the battle field, razing down enemies in his path, and use the Sub-Weapons Great Roar, Cleave, Hurtle and Throw.

Clear 100 floors in Endless Eclipse Mode with Zodd to unlock his Apostle Form as a costume, no transformation required.

Unlock Serpico by completing “Witch” in Story Mode.

Like Griffith, Serpico strikes quickly with a rapier. However, the Sylph Sword that Shierke bestows upon him grants his blows with extra power from wind spirits. Some of his combos finish with a literal whirlwind. He’s able to use Sylph’s Blessing and Vacuum Pearl as Sub-Weapons.

While in Frenzy Mode, all of Serpico’s blows leave behind whirlwinds.

Unlock Shierke by completing “Witch” in Story Mode.

Shierke is a witch, and as such she battles exclusively with magic spells. They can be quite powerful and hit multiple enemies at a time, but take time to cast. The stronger they are (the further down the combo chain), the longer they take to cast, and Shierke is very vulnerable during this.

Shierke’s Sub Weapons all grant her extra utility to keep enemies away from her so she can cast safely without interruption. Her Summoning Magic brings forth a Golem that acts as a decoy. Aspiration Magic pulls in enemies to the same point, making them easier to dispatch of in one blow. Rotting Root Magic poisons surrounding enemies and impedes their movement. Double Magic creates a Magic Circle that creates a duplicate of Shierke’s next charged attack.

Unlock Wyald by completing 30% of all Endless Eclipse Mode missions with any character.

Wyald first appears as the Black Dog Knights’ leader, sent after the Band of the Hawk by Midland’s king. He uses a club in battle, and can literally somersault through crowds of enemies to take them down. He’s also able to rip up the ground from beneath opponents to take them out.

Wyald is an Apostle, and can transform into a beast while in Frenzy Mode.

Complete 100 levels of Endless Eclipse Mode to unlock Wyald’s Apostle Form as a costume, no transformation needed.

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