Updated: Every Character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This page contains the full announced roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features every fighter in Smash Bros. history together in one game, as well as an unnannounced number of newcomers that we will add as they are revealed. 

During the Nintendo E3 2018 conference Super Smash Bros. developer Masahiro Sakurai explained that the number next to each fighter’s name “signifies the order in which they joined the Super Smash Bros. series”, which gives some interesting insight into the history of the series’ development. 

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An epsilon (ε) next to a character’s number represents that they are a Echo Fighter, a character who is based on another fighter from the game. For example, Dark Pit is an Echo Fighter based on Pit. 

For details on character movesets, including tweaked, upgraded, or brand new moves – click on a character below to get more information.

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Below you’ll find every character currently confirmed to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sakurai has stated that the initial roster may only include the original 12 Character from the first Super Smash Bros. game, but other will be unlocked in rapid succession as you start playing.

To view more information on a character, including their moves, costumes, and Final Smash, click on one below:

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