Updated: Everything We Know About Fortnite’s Mysterious Meteor

A comet overhead in Fortnite Battle Royale was first discovered March 20, 2018 by IGN. Here’s everything we know about the mysterious meteor so far.

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Update 4/17: The comet appears even closer. Scroll down to see the object as it appeared on previous dates.

EditComet Discovery

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At first, it was speculated the thing in the sky of Fortnite Battle Royale could be something as outrageous as a UFO, but as time has passed, it’s become clear the object is most likely a simple hunk of rock hurtling towards Earth. 

EditMeteor Getting Closer

The meteor appears to be inching closer to the ground, causing many Fortnite players to speculate its significance and possible impact. 

When first discovered, the meteor could barely be observed except through a sniper scope.

The meteor as it appeared on March 20

The meteor on April 1, obviously much closer.

EditHow to See the Meteor

To take a look at the comet for yourself, head to Loot Lake and look northeast into the sky. You can get a better look at it by using a sniper or any gun with a scope. 

EditTilted Towers to be Destroyed Theory

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A few other odd occurrences have popped up in concurrence with the meteor, pointing to a more specific theory. Here’s why many think the comet is headed towards Tilted Towers. 

  • Morse Code Mystery

Many console players have reported their controllers vibrating in odd, seemingly random patterns. Redditor Vigilancefoetracer recognized these patterns as morse code and translated it to: SOS D 5 418.

D 5 is where Tilted Towers is on the map, and 418 could possibly refer to April 18, or April 2018.

  • New Telescopes Point the Way

Another clue that suggests there’s something happening in the skyis the emergence of telescopes on top of a few mountain peaks. There are a  few  northwest of Fatal Fields, and another set northeast of Pleasant Park.  They all seem to point at the comet in the sky, but are also moving in the direction of Tilted Towers. 

  • Players Are Heated Over Tilted Towers

Back in late February, rumors began circulating that Tilted Towers was going to be removed, and replaced by the fan-named “Captive Castle,” as reported in a source-less video by Exility. There are plenty of forum posts debating on whether or not they’d like the popular landing spot removed.

While the theory that the area would be destroyed on April 18 didn’t come to pass, there was a preemptive farewell to the location from a loyal fanbase.

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Organized by Reddit user xsqoof, players coordinated to “Land at Tilted Towers to honor its greatness by destroying every single structure in the city.”

EditAdditional Clues

Battle Royale Season 3 introduced a few peculiarly space-themed items, including new space suit costumes and fossil and explosion emotes.

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