Watch Now: Short Flick THE PRIVATES Burns Down the House… and Then Some

Watch Now: Short Flick THE PRIVATES Burns Down the House... and Then Some

Dylan Allen’s short film The Privates is one of my favorite shorts of 2017. It’s funny, it’s weird and it’s chock full of a dynamic bunch of characters that jump off the screen and make you long for further adventures from this indie band of seriously nuclear oddballs.

After a string of festival dates, Allen and co. premiered the film online with Vimeo and that means you can watch it right now.

An unknown rock band struggles with a radioactive energy in their music that blows up amps, liquefies tape decks, and starts electrical fires. On the eve of their first (and possibly last) show, they must decide whether to risk life, limb, and legacy for a 1AM slot on a Tuesday. It could change everything…or nothing at all.

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