Why It Chapter Two Doesn’t Have an After Credits Scene

Moviegoers have grown increasingly accustomed to new releases including an end credits scene, even for movies that wouldn’t seem likely to have one. With fans wondering if they should stick around after IT Chapter Two’s nearly three-hour run time (beyond obviously watching the credits to honor the many people who worked hard to make the movie), we’re here to report that, no, there is no end credits scene after the film — likely because there are no definite plans to make any kind of IT Chapter Two sequel.

There’s a good reason people might be wondering whether IT Chapter Two has a post-credits scene: its predecessor, 2017’s IT, had one. That stinger offered a clue that the saga of the Losers’ Club was not yet over, as the high-pitched cackle of Pennywise the clown was heard over the final seconds of the end credits.

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