Why Wonder Woman Is So Powerful

Wonder Woman is part of DC’s trinity, but what makes her strong enough that fans regard her alongside Batman and Superman? Here’s why Wonder Woman is so powerful.

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(DC Comics) (DC Comics)

While Wonder Woman’s origin has changed and evolved as it has been retold over the years, one thing that remains constant is that she is a product of the gods. Whether she was molded out of clay by Amazon Queen Hippolyta and given life by the Greek pantheon or if she’s the illegitimate child of Zeus and Hippolyta, she is a demigod with divine power flowing through her veins. The Gods of Olympus bestowed blessings upon her, providing her with enhanced strength, longevity, speed, durability, senses, beauty and intelligence. Her godly nature also provides her with a natural defense against magical attacks, something that comes in handy when fighting all manner of sorcerers, witches, and supernatural monsters.

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