Y: The Last Man TV series gets pilot order

Believe it or not, there was once a time when comic book adaptations, film or TV, were scarce. So scarce that some of us even felt the need to apologise/make excuses for the lousy ones, of which there were plenty. But there was also a time when high quality scripted cable dramas were equally scarce. Now, there’s some piece of must-see TV on virtually every night of the week. There’s a point to this trip down memory lane, we promise!

Back in those days of scarcity, fans would sit around and read comics of exceptional worth like Preacher or Y: The Last Man and say, “this thing is paced just like one of those awesome cable dramas that we sure wish there were more of, and it’s more compelling than a lot of other stuff on TV, too.” But instead, we were constantly threatened with a Preacher movie or even a Y: The Last Man movie. “But movie studios,” we would cry, “these are serialised dramas that would be far more suited to television!” Pleas that fell on deaf ears.

Until now. Now, we have things like a Preacher TV series on AMC, for example, not to mention an endless array of superhero dramas on broadcast and cable networks. FX, meanwhile, has been developing Y: The Last Man as a series for the last two years…and they’ve finally ordered a pilot.

Y: The Last Man now also has a showrunner in the form of a guy who is rapidly becoming one of the busiest figures in Hollywood. Michael Green (Logan, American Gods, Blade Runner 2049) has been named as co-showrunner alongside Aida Mashaka Croal (Luke Cage, Turn), and he’ll co-write the pilot with Y: The Last Man co-creator Brian K. Vaughan (who is also producing the series alongside Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson). Hopefully, series artist Pia Guerra gets some love, too. Melina Matsoukas (who directed Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video) will also executive produce and direct the pilot.

Now, if only someone could have the good sense to do the same with another Brian K. Vaughan written series, Paper Girls, that would be awesome. In the meantime, you may begin your fan casting of Yorick right now. Something tells us that it’s less crucial who they get for Ampersand.

More as we have it.

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