Zelda Fans Uncover Hidden Message in Breath of the Wild’s First Shrines

It’s a secret to everybody.

If you’re already 100 hours into the vast wonderland that is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ve no doubt seen more than a few instances of something amazing or delightful. Yet even in the earliest hours of the game, there’s a Zelda-series Easter Egg hiding in plain sight.

Slight spoilers for the opening of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild under the video.

The first four shrines you encounter in your exploration of Hyrule all pay homage to the power of the Triforce. The monks encountered at the end of the shrines are holding their hands in such a way that combined, they reference the most powerful object in the Zelda universe.

Dorkly editor Tristan Cooper posted the discovery to the Breath of the Wild subreddit yesterday.

Photo source: Reddit user pkbronsonb

Photo source: Reddit user pkbronsonb

As you can see, the praying posture of the monks each represents one section of the Triforce. Other users point out the positions are known in Buddhism as mudras, defined as “symbolic or ritualistic gestures.”

It’s just one of countless Breath of the Wild Easter Eggs referencing either elements of the series as a whole, or individual parts and pieces of former games.

It makes you wonder what other gestures are hiding in the shrines, but since the internet is really good at uncovering things, we’ll probably know sooner or later.

Then again, it did take 29 years for someone to discover a visual cue hiding in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and post it to reddit.

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