Zelda: Trade With Kilton for Awesome Gear

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there exists a secret merchant by the name of Kilton – who sells exclusive monster-themed merchandise in exchange for Monster Parts. However, finding him can be tricky.

Kilton can be reached at any time after leaving the Great Plateau, but you must journey to the far reaches of Deep Akkala in the top Northeastern section of the map. After unlocking the Akkala Tower, look for a large skull-shaped lake. Kilton can be found on the left eye island – opposite a shrine on a tall pillar.

Reaching the lake, you’ll find that Kilton only appears at night. Once speaking with Kilton, he’ll tell you he’s ready to open his shop: Fang and Bone, and will disappear shortly – but not before telling you where he plans to open up shop.

After this, Kilton can be found at night on the outskirts of the following towns and villages:

Kilton is found in Lantern Lake, above and behind Impa’s house.

He’s under the bridge leading to Tarrey Town.

EditZora’s Domain

Kilton is just behind Dagah Keek Shrine, just southwest of Zora’s Domain. This is probably the easiest place to find him.

He can be spotted by the tall balloon-like pack he keeps behind him.

EditExchanging and Spending Mon

Kilton comes with his own kind of currency-based system: Mon. Mon is collected by trading monster parts in with Kilton. The more rare and valuable the monster part, the more it will be worth in currency. It can then be used to buy unique armor and equipment not found anywhere else.

The following parts can be exchanged for the indicated amount:

Monster Parts Mon
Octo Balloon 1
Moblin Horn, Keese Wing, Ancient Screw, Monster Extract 2
Bokoblin Horn, Chuchu Jelly 3
Bokoblin Fang, Lizalfos Horn, White Chuchu Jelly, Red Chuchu Jelly, Yellow Chuchu Jelly, Octorok Tentacle, Ancient Spring 5
Moblin Fang, Fire Keese Wing, Electric Keese Wing 6
Lizalfos Talon 8
Bokoblin Guts, Keese Eyeball, Ancient Gear 10
Moblin Guts, Lizalfos Tail 12
Octorok Eyeball 13
Molduga Fin, Hinox Toenail 15
Icy Lizalfos Tail, Red Lizalfos Tail, Yellow Lizalfos Tail 16
Hinox Tooth 18
Lynel Horn, Ancient Shaft 20
Lynel Hoof 30
Hinox Guts, Ancient Core 40
Dragon’s Scale 60
Lynel Guts, Giant Ancient Core 100
Shard of Dragon’s Fang 110
Shard of Dragon’s Horn 150

Once you have enough Mon, you can talk to Kilton at night to spend your currency on several items. These include special masks that let you fool specific monster types into thinking you’re one of them – until other monsters see and attack you that is.

Depending on how far you have progressed in the game, Kilton will offer new and exciting items, culminating in the awesome Dark Armor Set that makes you look like Dark Link, and increases your speed at night.

After defeating Ganon speak to Kilton. Select, “About Monster’s…” You can speak to Kilton about: the stone colossus, the forest giant, and the giant sand beast. Kilton will inform you there are (40) Talus (all varieties), (40) Hinox (Hinox, Blue Hinox, Black Hinox, Stalnox, and (4) Molduga.

You can find the location of each monster on this Wiki’s interactive map.

Any monster you have defeated prior to this will show a star and say, “Defeated,” to the right of the health bar to show that you have previously defeated that monster. Even after a Blood Moon the game will remember which Monsters you have defeated already. You can speak to Kilton about monsters at any time, and he will update you on the number you have defeated so far. Once you have defeated all these monsters speak to Kilton, and he will grant you a Medal of Honor for each.

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