2016: The Year in Review


Installation view of “Alex Da Corte: Free Roses” at Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts.


The Most-Read Articles of 2016
From a visit with David Hockney to an examination of Trump’s views on art.

The Year in, and Beyond, the Galleries of New York
Andrew Russeth submits a relatively concise chronicle of highlights and a top ten.

Sound Disposition
Andy Battaglia offers a personal, peculiar top ten.

Two Years of Turbulence for New York’s Galleries
A look at the dealers who have closed or moved.

Critical Mass: Four Books Explore the Role of Writers in an Expanding Art World
On books from 2016 by artists and art critics, including Douglas Crimp and Bob Nickas.

Inside GameAugur, Artist Edward Shenk’s Mystical Sports Betting Service
As the year ends, a look at an art project that aims to predict the future.

The 2016 Art Market’s Winner? Eric Clapton, the $74 M. Man
Nate Freeman on how the guitarist has minted a fortune selling Gerhard Richter paintings.

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