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Top-10 Life-Changing Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

Top-10 Life-Changing Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

Beauty Tip: Whether you are a makeup novice or a well-known or self-proclaimed beauty guru, there is always room for improvement when it comes to your skills.

We have all determined our strengths and weaknesses through our regular makeup strategies and routine. You can still be an expert when it comes to the cat’s eyes, but you can fall flat in the hairstyling department. Or you can also be a contouring queen, but not be able to give your nails a smooth coat of paint to save your life.

To become an all-rounder – or rather a master of the makeup chair – we share 35 beauty tips that everyone should know, regardless of experience, background, age or personal style.


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#1: Use waterproof mascara to hold a curl of lashes. According to Erin Parsons, Global Makeup Artist of Maybelline New York, it acts like a perm for your lashes and seals the curl.

Beauty Tip #2: Use ice water after painting your nails to help them dry faster.

Beauty Tip #3: With loose powder and tissue, you can make any regular, creamy lipstick look dull. Fill your lips with the desired colour, place a tissue over the lipstick and brush powder over the tissue. The powder absorbs the shine and gives your favourite lipstick a smooth, matt finish.

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Beauty Tip #4: Store makeup tissues upside down (with the opening facing down) to prevent them from drying out. According to makeup artist Kelli Bartlett, this helps the product soak each towel thoroughly, starting with the one you’ll use next.

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Beauty Tip #5: To master the perfect winged eyeliner for everyday use, start your line at the outer corner of your eyelid. Once you have reached the desired length, fill in the wing. On the contrary, you don’t have to draw the line all the way to the inner corner of your eye, says Parsons.

Beauty Tip #6: Use this Cupid’s Bow Hack to apply a flawless lip liner every time. It will help you apply an even, smooth liner to the marking on the first try.

Beauty Tip #7: Remove flaky lips with a DIY lip scrub made with coconut oil and brown sugar. Since exfoliated lips are the key to a flawless lipstick application, you don’t want to miss this step in your beauty preparation routine.

Beauty Tip #8: Always Sleep on your back to avoid waking up with puffy eyes in the morning and keep wrinkles at bay for a long time.

Beauty Tip #9: When applying mascara, hold a business card, spoon or tissue behind your lashes to prevent the product from getting on your eyelids, especially if you’ve just achieved a glamorous eye-shadow look.


Beauty Tip #10: Braid your wet or dry hair at night before you go to sleep to wake up in the morning with beach waves. Setting up your hair overnight is the perfect way to save a few minutes when you wake up.



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