Best Black Friday deals for designers and artists 2018

Get almost 40% off Adobe Creative Cloud or Faber Castell and Derwent pens, pencils and pastels – plus our guide to the best deals on creative hardware, software and more.

2018’s Black Friday deals have started already, so here’s everything you need to know to find the best deals on creative tech, design software and more in the UK and US (and some worldwide deals too).

Black Friday starts earlier and earlier every year – now it’s not just one day but almost a fortnight of flash deals on everything from smartphones to empty boxes. Not only that, but we have Cyber Monday following the weekend, giving you an extra day to fill up your life with stuff at bargain prices.

Our team of design and art experts are scouring all of the Black Friday sales – checking out all of the major creative software and hardware vendors from Adobe to Wacom, as well as digging through the thousands of deals offered by online stores from Amazon and Currys/PC World to Best Buy and Newegg. to find only the best deals for design and art tools and supplies.

More deals will be announced as we get nearer to Black Friday itself, and we’ll be updating this story with deals multiple times every day – so bookmark this page and check back regularly to find the best bargains before they disappear (as some are limited-time offers or have only a set number for sale).

Black Friday Adobe deals

Until the end of Black Friday of, Adobe is offering up to 38% off Creative Cloud subscriptions if you sign up for the full suite of products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD and all of the video and animation tools.

If you’re in the UK, Africa, Brazil, Japan or the Middle East, you get the full 38% off (that’s down from £49.94 to £30.34 per month for your first year). Get the deal here.

Creatives in the Americas (including the US, but not Brazil) get a more modest (but still substantial) 25% off. Get the deal here.

You can only take advantage if this is your first ‘Adobe Creative Cloud for Individuals All Apps’ subscription. Full terms are listed on Adobe’s Creative Cloud offer page.

Black Friday laptop and tablet deals

Anyone looking for deals on drawing tablets would best be served by our look at early Black Friday 2018 tablet deals and Wacom bargains. 

If you’re more in the market for laptops, note that you can shop at AO for deals on Microsoft’s latest Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop 2 13.5″ now at £799 and the most premium Surface Pro 6 at 200 quid less for £1949. A total of seven Surface models in total are currently included in the AO promotion.

Black Friday art supplies deals

Amazon is currently offering up to 40% off pencils, pens and pastels from leading brands Faber Castell and Derwent in the UK. Get the deals here.

Black Friday sketchbook deals

Save over 40% on Amazon when shopping for Moleskine ruled and plain notebooks, ranging from pocket notebooks to the large and extra hard sort

A Black Christmas

Note that quite a few retailers do extend their deals until Christmas, but if things get confusing, you can rely on Digital Arts for the details when we announces the best deals for artists and designers in the US and UK. In that same spirit we also offer you this guide to Black Friday Weekend 2018, making sure you’re prepared for when everything kicks off this month.

What and when is Black Friday?

Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which means this year Black Friday is on November 23, and Cyber Monday is on November 26. Black Friday weekend sales will be going on between both dates.

Black Friday was decided by American retailers to fall on the day after Thanksgiving, a time of family, holiday and kinship in the States just like Christmas. Well, if Christmas can be commercial and help to raise sales so that retailers stay in the ‘black’ and not in the red, then why not make Thanksgiving more capitalist too?

Obviously British retailers caught on, and last year £1.4bn was spent on online sales in the UK for 2017’s Black Friday. Most of the money is spent online these days as supposed to in-store, so we’ll be listing all the best internet deals in the days to come for both American and UK creatives.

What is Cyber Monday?

This year’s Cyber Monday on November 26 is another day of exclusive deals and online bargains, cutting out the brick and mortar shops. Last year saw a lot of interesting deals based around crafty things like tees and prints, so don’t necessarily assume that cyber means it’s only bargain tech stuff like iPads on offer.

How to get the best Black Friday deals

Going online is your best best to find the essential Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but we don’t recommend waiting on Amazon solely to get the best deals on Apple, Lenovo and Wacom products.

Last year’s best deals came from suppliers like Currys, Laptops Direct and KCRS, meaning you don’t need to rely on the commercial behemoth entirely. Of course, that means more sites to be checking, but Digital Arts will be listing those for you as soon as the bargains roll in, and you can also keep an eye on our sister sites Tech Advisor and the Apple-centric Macworld.  That way you’ll be staying in the black, and not in the red, guaranteed.

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