TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) have reached a new milestone today as the comic book, published by IDW Publishing, has released the 100th issue! IDW was kind enough to provide me with a review copy and the embargo finally lifts today so I am able to share my spoiler-free thoughts on the monumental issue!

I’m also including several of the alternate covers available for issue #100. Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird reunited for cover “A”, which I shared previously, although the cover that was provided to me is a bit different (see IDW Has Revealed The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #100 Comic Book Cover)… The cover that I shared included a montage/collage of all 100 issues of the comic as a backdrop to the turtles and their friends, which is absent from the cover that I’ve seen availalbe for retail, as well as from the list of variants. Thus I’m not sure where and when that cover will be available, or if it was only meant to get the word out… There are over 60 different covers available! If you’re interested in taking a look at all of them, make sure and head over to

I’m going to keep my review short and sweet primarily so that I don’t reveal any spoilers. As far as the artwork and colors go, the 100th issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is right about what you would expect if you’ve been following the arc. The panels that take place during different time periods/story lines are colored slightly different, or partially faded, which is a nice touch as there is a LOT going on in this issue and it could very easily be overwhelming. There’s plenty of action as well as dialogue to go around, so I appreciate the time and effort spent creating the distinctions between the various story lines.

There’s one brief sequence that takes place inside the store that is a bit jarring, at least as far as artwork and colors go… It’s almost as if it was penciled, inked and colored by a different team of artists than the rest of the issue. That’s the only sequence that really stood out to me as out of place… It’s a fairly “normal” and boring scene in an issue that otherwise screams violence and darkness, which is probably why it jumped out at me.

The writing is also very good, especially for an issue that has so much action! It doesn’t ever feel heavy-handed. There was just enough to get me from one panel to another, without losing me in unnecessary dialogue. Some of the conversations between Bebop and Rocksteady are corny, but I think that’s to be expected from those two.

Issue #100 really has it all going for it. There’s plenty of action. Good dialogue and writing. Great artwork. There are literally some panels I want to get high resolution versions of to frame somewhere!

There is also a LOT of heart and emotion in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles centennial issue. The strength and bond of family is found throughout. If you’re a TMNT fan, you’re going to want to pick up this issue. Not because it’s the 100th issue, but because it’s a great comic on it’s own and it wraps up the story arc nicely. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t shed tear or two while reading this issue.

Where will they go with issue #101? I have no idea! Luckily there are a few hints at the end of the issue for some upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle adventures which will probably leave you guessing and dreaming more than anything!

If you’re interested in taking a look at some of the alternate covers that are available, I’ve included them below!

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