Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared creator implores us to use cups in this creepy animation

Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy Joe Pelling’s new short for Adult Swim.

Fans of cult UK web series Don’t Hug Me Scared will find a new creepy yet funny fix in a two minute short all about the importance of using cups.

Made by Don’t Hug Me co-creator Joe Pelling with Cory Snearowski and Brendan O’Hare, Use Cups was aired yesterday on Adult Swim as part of their always-intriguing smalls selection. 

The deadpan voiceover is pitch perfect, making proceedings not too unsettling for the viewer.

Adult Swim has been on a roll lately when it comes to British talent, with Joseph Melhuish’s recent cracking Bambi short also airing on the channel (embedded below.)

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