The story of Eric Roberts who appeared in over 400 films and shows

Hollywood’s Hardest Working Man

The story of Eric Roberts, “Hollywood's Hardest Working Man” who has appeared in over 400 films and shows

Who is Eric Roberts?

Eric Roberts entered the world of theatre in 1978 when he starred in his 1st major film, King of the Gypsies, and ever since then he has taken part in more than 400 films and TV shows.

Vanity Fair magazine named Roberts “that the hardest-working guy in Hollywood” and it looks like he’s doing his best to stay at the top and keep his fans happy with his memorable characters and brilliant acting chops.

Here at Artistwork, we have looked in the story of Eric Roberts and his success, and here are the milestones of his 4-decade-long Hollywood journey.

Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts

Back in 1972, Roberts’ parents got divorced, and he remained with his father in Atlanta, besides his sisters.

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Eric Roberts’ 1st major role in a film which was titled King of the Gypsies at 1978, where he got a Golden Globe Award nomination. Other important early characters of Roberts’ include those in Paul’s Case (1980), Nobody’s Fool (1986), Raggedy Man (1981), Star 80 (1983), – The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), Runaway-Train (1985),  and Best of the Best (1989).

A brilliant acting career with more than 400 roles in films and reveals

As time went on, Roberts got more movie role after role, which eventually turned into hundreds of appearances both on the big screen and on TV. No matter what your picture tastes are, you are likely to find something Roberts has been in, simply because there are so many , and since they’re so diverse. Are there some roles this guy can’t play?


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The listing of TV shows that Eric Roberts has starred is quite extensive as well. In 1996, he appeared in Doctor Who, also by the year 2002 into 2005 we appreciated Roberts’ function in Less Than Perfect. Afterward, from 2010 to 2011, we watched him play with Vance Abrams at The Young and Restless. He also appeared in many other shows, even though it was just in a few episodes.

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The list of Roberts’ works appear infinite, and all of his films and shows together compensate for more than 400 roles. Nevertheless, it’s not just films and TV shows which make Eric Roberts among the most adorable celebrities.


Eric Roberts has also been the star of several main-stream music  videos, such as Mr. Brightside by The Killers, Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart from Chris Cornell, and hits It’s Like That and We Belong Together by Mariah Carey — just to name a few.

Eric Roberts appeared in over 400 films and shows
Eric Roberts appeared in over 400 films and shows

The actor and Eliza got married in 1992 and ever since then, she’s not only served as his wife but as his friend and his supervisor as well. Eric Roberts was always pleased to work devotedly, and Eliza made sure he participate in each project he could.

Eliza recollects that once he starred in a home commercial, pretending to live there with his”fake” family. It seems like doing so much work produced the actor happy. “And so unexpectedly, it’s like 250 films, and I realize, I moved from being a joke that will do anything to being’Is there anything he can not do? ”’ the actor said.

After 4 years of acting, Roberts remains one of the busiest actors in Hollywood who’s starring in multiple projects and is still enthusiastic about his livelihood.

 Eric Roberts Wife

In one of his recent interviews, Roberts credited his wife, Eliza, because of his abundant acting career, saying that she”runs the show” getting him a lot of amazing roles. It is intriguing that the few mentioned their working together as among the secrets to their happy and long marriage.

Eric Roberts wife and -supporter
Eric Roberts wife and -supporter

We look forward to seeing Eric Roberts in brand new films and shows and we hope he retains pleasing our eyes and ears with his acting for many more years ahead.


Which films and shows with Eric Roberts have you watched? Which of his roles are the favorite and why?

Eric-Roberts Bio / Wiki

Eric Anthony Roberts

April 18, 1956 (age 64)

Biloxi, Mississippi, U.S.
EducationHenry W. Grady High School
Years active1977–present
Home townAtlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Eliza Roberts

(m. 1992)

ChildrenEmma Roberts
  • Walter Grady Roberts (father)
  • Betty Lou Bredemus (mother)
  • Julia Roberts (sister)
  • Keaton Simons (stepson)
  • David Rayfiel (father-in-law)
  • Lila Garrett (mother-in-law) Edit this at Wikidata


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