Get a New 4K TV for a Great Price Right Now With These Deals

The move to 4K TVs seems to have happened faster than the move to 4K content. It’s basically impossible to buy an HDTV at a size above 40″ or so, but the prices on 4K UHD TVs are so low now, it doesn’t even matter. The current Christmas-time deals on 4K TVs bring the technology well within reach of just about anyone. If you picked up a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, or you want to watch Disney+ in its fullest possible resolution and save money, now is the best time since Black Friday to pick up a new 4K UHD set.

Cheapest 4K UHD TV Option: Sceptre TVs

If you’re looking for a lot of TV for not a lot of money, grab yourself one of these Sceptre 4K TVs at Walmart. You can get a 50″ 4K set for $199, or a 65″ for $379.99. The downside is these sets don’t have HDR, but if you need to replace your existing TV or you just want to experience 4K resolution, it’s really hard to fault a two-hundred dollar television.

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