IGN Happy Hour: City of Brass Special

Uppercut Games come in for a chat.

Well, that could have been awkward. IGN recently gave the new Uppercut Games title City of Brass a less than glowing review, but that actually made this episode of IGN Happy Hour all the more interesting.

IGN’s Cam Shea and Dan Crowd were joined in the studio by Uppercut Games’ Andrew James and Ed Orman for a fascinating chat about the design process (and why the whip is this game’s Gravity Gun), the importance of feedback, lessons learned over seven years as an indie studio, and much more. Big thanks to the guys for coming in!

Download the IGN Happy Hour: City of Brass Special – Audio Version

Or stream it right here:

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Cam Shea is Editor in Chief for IGN’s Australian content team and tries to spend as much time as possible in Japan. He’s on Twitter.

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