Over 100 Images From the Star Trek: Picard Comic-Con Exhibit

This week CBS All Access is continuing its Comic-Con tradition of presenting an exhibit of costumes, props and other nerd-intensive items from the rich, layered world of Star Trek. In years past the focus has been on Star Trek: Discovery, but this week CBS is turning its attention to the upcoming Picard series with a show featuring the past and future of the famed Starfleet captain (and now, apparently, admiral).

The Star Trek: Jean-Luc Picard – The First Duty. Gallery features almost ever uniform Jean-Luc has ever worn on the show or in the movies, models of every ship he has captained — yes, even the Stargazer! — iconic props like his Ressikan flute and the Tamarian knife he received in “Darmok” and much more. Check out all the images right here:

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