Question to ask a girl at the beginning of a relationship

Question to ask a woman at the beginning of a relationship

The beginning of a relationship is very inspiring (and for some of us, slightly sweaty), as it is essential. In the first months, lay the foundation for what you both build together.


Question to ask a girl

There are many good ways to get to know her, but maybe the best way is to ask her questions. You know the essential things like How do you take your coffee, which Friends character you got after the quiz, and if you could be an animal, which one would you be?


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These are good conversation starters, but they are weak. It’s very crucial that we ask questions that lead us to a deeper understanding of who she is.

Sure, knowing that she is most similar to Phoebe and drinks her coffee with cream is certainly valuable information, but this is knowledge at a surface level. You’ve probably found out most of it by listening to her Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Question to ask a girl at the beginning of a relationship

One of the best questions you can always ask is: How can I pray for you?

it is more than a heartfelt question that seeks an honest answer, but a sincere, unexpected invitation to something more.



Questions to ask a girl

1.  Put yourself in the position to ask the question. If you know where she is going, meet her on the way there.

2. Free yourself from everything that you have thought up or “rehearsed” in your mind. They seem too powerful, or they stumble by trying too hard..

3. Walk with them while you speak, and be sure to look at them. You will probably receive a few bonus points (depending on how the conversation naturally relates to your question). But make sure that you don’t stare. There is such a thing as being toomuch..


Always Pay attention to at all times. If at the end of the day and she says goodbye to you, then do it! She noticed you there, and she obviously made a significant effort to say it..


4. Do not have a silly grin or grin on your face while you are asking. Everyone thinks when they see this, if you have problems keeping a serious face, practice in front of a mirror..

5. Stay calm. If she says yes, do not act overjoyed. She will be put off and may change her answer. However, show some happiness as a sign of respect for her good taste..

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6. Be strong when she denies. If she says no, just shake it off and keep talking about something else. You will not often earn sympathy points if you do not know each other very-well enough. But how often will she say no, and feel sympathy for you?.

7. Be patient. If she needs some more time to think about it, don’t hurry. If you know that you will not see each other for a few days, remember to give her your contact phone number and tell her if she wants to call, just to discuss it again, to go ahead an call..

8. Always listen,”. Ladies don’t like it when the person they are talking to is in the middle of a conversation, mostly if you were the one who wanted to know what they thought about anything you ever ask about.



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Top-10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like (Before Starting a Relationship)

Top-10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like (Before Starting a Relationship)