Top-10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like (Before Starting a Relationship)

Top-10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like (Before Starting a Relationship)
Top-10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like (Before Starting a Relationship)


Are you looking for questions you can ask a guy? Penetrating a man’s brain can be a difficult task, just like the most challenging physical work! Women tend to resort to different tactics and even understand what is going on in their partners’ minds.



Questions to ask a guy who likes you

However, one of the best and easiest ways is to start a conversation and ask the right questions.

Every woman should ask a man the following questions at the beginning of the relationship, some even during the phase of seduction and courtship. Some answers you may not like; however, it is better to always find out the truth on your own before developing deeper feelings.


Here are the Top-10 Questions to Ask a Guy You Like


1. What are your Personal goals in life?

Personal goals are expressions of the things you want to achieve in life for yourself. If you think about what you want to achieve in life and set goals to achieve them, you will become more self-motivated and positive minded. Your main personal goals can be in the form of short-term or long-term goals.

what are questions to ask a guy
what are questions to ask a guy

For a future relationship, it is good to know if he or she is planning to have a career or if he or she spends a lot of time at work and the like. So it will be an interesting question to ask a man in a particular state.


2. What kind of life and childhood did you have?

If you know how he grew up, you will better understand his personality and why he is the way he is. It is a must to ask a man you like.

3. what makes you insecure?

Insecurity is, by nature, a lonely experience and the activity of a single person. Social media reinforces this tendency. People post almost exclusively pictures of the “good times” and never when they feel stuck and miserable, which makes us think that they are ALWAYS happy.

Someone’s uncertainty is good to know before it comes to light. In this way, you will not be surprised or puzzled, but you will know how to deal with them at the critical moment. So it is another good question to ask a man.

4. what do you anticipate from a love relationship?

Are you still confused about what to ask a man? Ask him that! Not everyone has the same notion and expectations in relationships. Therefore it is good to clarify this in the beginning and to know what a love relationship is for him.

questions to ask a guy who likes you
questions to ask a guy who likes you

5. do you want children?

If you decide to bring a new life into this world, think about it often and think as if you were your unborn child.


Some couples never talk about it. If one partner says he wants to have children, you remain shocked and broken with the knowledge that the other one never wanted to be a parent. No doubt, it will be a good question to ask someone.

More Questions to ask a guy that likes you

6. what exactly do you find attractive about a female?

Everyone has a different perception of an ideal partner who is not just a physical attraction. Not a very serious question and can, therefore, easily be considered a fun problem to ask a man.

7. what kind of true expectations do you have of yourself

What a man expects from himself is most likely expected from you. Therefore, find out in time what you can expect from this partner—another good question to ask your crush.

8. the worst thing you have done?

Strange questions to a man: – This issue is not only fun but also reveals some of the true nature, views, and values that your flock has. When the worst thing is that he stole chewing gum from the store as a child, then you will know that you have met a man with high moral principles.

If he says the worst thing is that he almost didn’t open his parachute when jumping out of an airplane, you should know that you are dealing with a restless spirit.

9. what do you anticipate or expect from your partner?

What does he want from you? What does he need? What is the most important thing for him that his wife can give him? The best question is to ask a man.


10. who are your family and friends?

You can not choose your family, but you can certainly choose your friends.

Who are they? What do they do, what are their mutual relationships? The easiest way is to find out everything about your family and friends. A cute question for boys.

Bonus / random Questions to Ask a Guy You Like:

  • What is on your bucket list?
  • Which of the social media networks do you use most frequently?
  • What kind of entertainment do you like and where in the city do you like to go out?
  • If you could only eat one special dish for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
  • Which fictional character frightens you the most, and why?
  • What is your favorite movie of all time?
  • What is your ideal or dream job, where he would like to work, and do you have any ambitions for the future?
  • Do you believe in God, and why? Do you have certain role models and idols, and who are they?
  • Is the appearance of girls most important?
  • If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • What is the happiest event in your life?
  • Are you a brave person, and have you ever done something heroic that makes you proud?


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