SHAZAM! – Everything We Learned About The DC Movie From The Latest Issue Of Total Film – SPOILERSSHAZAM! – Everything We Learned About The DC Movie From The Latest Issue Of Total Film – SPOILERS

SHAZAM! - Everything We Learned About The DC Movie From The Latest Issue Of Total Film - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

The hype is beginning to build for Shazam! and we now have new details on the Seven Deadly Sins, Dr. Sivana, Dwayne Johnson’s role in the movie, and a whole lot more. Check it out after the jump…

Shazam! has a lot to live up to following the release of Aquaman but there’s really no reason to believe that the movie won’t do the character justice. Of course, it would help if we’d seen a little more from the movie and with a trailer rumoured for later this month, that could help ease the minds of some fans.

For now, though, we’ve delved into the latest issue of Total Film Magazine to bring you guys a breakdown of all the biggest new reveals and spoilers about the DC Comics adaptation.

There’s a lot of great content here, including intel on the appearance of the Seven Deadly Sins,

Dr. Sivana’s role in proceedings, and what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is up to behind the scenes (not to mention potential cameos from members of the Justice League).

So, to take a look at this breakdown, all you have to do is click on the “View List” button below!

Yes, Zachary Levi Is Wearing A Muscle Suit

“The exterior suit is a spandex suit that goes over the top of a musculature suit, and each muscle has been sculpted on the body form of Zach so it accents and highlights his shape and size,” reveals costume designer Leah Butler.

“The codpiece and pecs also need to be in line with the size and shape of the rest of the body. If we didn’t pad everything out it would look off in certain areas because of the bigger proportion in the shoulders or the pecs or thighs. We have to pad it out to be balanced.”

Shazam’s inflated appearance has been problematic for many fans and it really doesn’t seem necessary, especially when you think about the likes of Captain America, Thor, and Aquaman! 

It Sounds Like We WILL See The Seven Deadly Sins

The magazine confirms that the ailing Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) is guarding the Seven Deadly Sins when Billy Batson comes across him and they’re shown trapped within stone statues in the movie.

It’s said that Gluttony has a huge mouth with “ribs for teeth,” Envy has green eyes on the side of its head, and Lust has an oddly lengthy tongue. Designed by Neville Page, they sound absolutely horrifying and point to there being a much darker side to this comedic looking movie than first thought. 

It’s A Christmas Movie

Iron Man 3 is sort of a Christmas movie but director David F. Sandberg confirms that Shazam! is set during the holidays and he hopes that gives it a feel which will bring people back to it again and again.

The Studio Has A Lot Of Faith In The Director

Just like Aquaman helmer James Wan, Sandberg made a name for himself in the world of horror, hence why the monstrous Seven Deadly Sins will be making an appearance in Shazam!.

“David doesn’t think in terms of budget, he thinks in terms of story, and he had a large story planned for Shazam!,” explains producer Peter Safran. “Making this movie with him is the same as making Annabelle: Creation – just absolute clarity of vision.”

“David is the spiritual successor to James,” he continues. “They cut their teeth on horror movies but are total filmmakers. They understand every aspect. And they put story first.”

Dwayne Johnson’s Role In Shazam!

Safran confirms that Dwayne Johnson will be serving as an executive producer on the movie “but will not be involved in this one as Black Adam. I suspect that somewhere down the road, in future movies, Shazam and Black Adam will share the screen.”

If Black Adam is slated to make a surprise appearance, there’s no way it’s going to be spoiled beforehand so take that with a pinch of salt for now as Johnson’s role behind the scenes is definitely noteworthy and could definitely lead to something being shot.

How Asher Angel Landed The Role Of Billy Batson

“I was in Utah,” the young actor says in regards to his role in Shazam!. “I said, ‘Dad, I’m going for a DC movie. How cool would that be?’ My dad played the wizard; he did a voice and everything.”

“Next thing I knew, I came into Los Angeles for a test with all the executives. A couple of hours later, I got a call at the airport. It was everyone from Warner Bros. and they were like, ‘Asher, you got Shazam!’ I started jumping up and down. Everyone was looking at me in the airport.”

“Oh man, my mind was just blown away. It wasn’t until I got to Toronto that I actually believed it. This is my first big movie.”

As For Zachary Levi…

Here’s an unexpected detail you may not know about Zachary Levi being cast as Shazam: he originally turned down the opportunity to audition for the role because he assumed the studio would be looking either for bigger names or much bigger guys! It wasn’t until he sent in a tape for a much smaller role that the actor was flown in by Warner Bros. and asked to try out for the titular character. 

“I’ve always been about joy,” he says. “I throw dance parties, my house always has an open-door policy, I still play video games, I still read graphic novels, I love the movies, I play sports, I have a shit ton of energy. I have this Peter Pan-y thing!”

Why Mark Strong Said “Yes” To Playing Dr. Sivana

“I love playing villains, I think they’re great,” explains Strong. “The superheroes don’t really work unless they’ve got a good arch-villain. Look at Lex Luthor, the Joker…you’ve got amazing actors playing those parts.”

He clearly has high hopes for his character and is proud to stand alongside the actors who have played the iconic bad guys mentioned above. “It’s a very honourable rollcall of people who play the villain in these movies.”

What Dr. Sivana Will Bring To The Table

Not too many details are revealed about Sivana in this cover story but the movie will be influenced by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Shazam run so clues can be found there. 

Strong, meanwhile, is excited to explore the villain’s history and flesh him out in a big way.

“Often, with supervillains, they are just designed to fight the hero. There’s a backstory for Dr. Sivana. You totally understand where he comes from. It makes it a little bit more interesting, and the stakes a little higher.”

The Seven Deadly Sins Will Frighten You

Talking about an action scene in which Shazam battles the Seven Deadly Sins, the actor describes them as “genuine monsters that strike fear.” He also confirms that they were played by stunt people on set so we can presumably expect bigger name actors to be cast to voice them in the movie.

A Deleted Scene From Green Lantern?

It’s been a long time since I watched Green Lantern so I may be wrong here but it sounds like Strong may have described a scene which was deleted from the troubled movie while talking about the sheer amount of CGI he had to endure in that compared to Shazam!.

“There is one scene in Green Lantern which is this fight between Sinestro and the Lanterns. It all takes place in space, and there’s something like 150 Lanterns, and then there’s this thing, and they throw a big rope chain over it. The only bit that’s real in the whole epic battle sequence is my head!”

Is Shazam Going To Meet The Justice League?

“Oh man, it’s better answered by someone above my pay grade,” Levi says when asked the question above. “Our generals are looking to how all things will tie in.”

“But I think Justice League showed you could have dark, gritty stuff with some good heart and humour. Gal was incredibly effervescent. The Flash and even Aquaman had some funny moments. Moving forward, I think they’ll learn from that.”

Will Batman Or Superman Show Up In The Movie?

We’ve heard a lot about Henry Cavill turning down the opportunity to appear as Superman in Shazam! (his refusal may even be what led to him walking away from the DCEU).

When Sandberg is asked about possible high profile cameos, all he says is: “We’ll just have to see! You never know! there’s a possibility.” That sounds pretty positive, right? 

What Levi Wants From A Shazam/Justice League Team-Up

“I want to be part of the Justice League so f*cking bad,” Levi exclaims. 

“That be amazing! Shazam would fit. The person he’d be closest to is The Flash because of their youth and humour. And we’ve gotta have Shazam and Superman interactions. They’re, like, the same, but totally different, and there are some really awesome fights throughout the comic books and also the cartoons where Shazam and Superman team up to beat Black Adam!”

“It’s been laid out for us! Let’s just go do all that stuff!”Here’s hoping.

Do these new details get you excited for Shazam! or do you still need to see that new trailer for the movie? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section.

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