Smash Ultimate: Character Locations and Map for World of Light

Fighter Location Mario Starting Area Marth* Starting Area Sheik* Starting Area Villager* Starting Area *You can only choose one of these characters at the start – the others will be locked off until you complete a dungeon or backtrack around to them. Captain Falcon RacewayVillager‘s Path Link Southern Great PlateauVillager‘s Path Olimar Mushroom PlatformsMarth‘s Path, requires Kammy Koopa’s Spirit to cross the mushrooms PAC-MAN Edge of the Mushroom Platforms – Marth‘s Path Jigglypuff River WoodsSheik‘s Path Mii Swordfighter Eastern TownSheik‘s Path Isabelle Eastern Town, take the secret path from the Northwestern Town using Kapp’n (Wild World) Spirit Yoshi Ribbon Road, North of River Woods Dr. Mario Edge of Ribbon Road and Lumiose City Pikachu Cliffside Rapids Peach Inside the Molten Castle Dungeon, at the top of the Cliffside Rapids Bowser Inside the Molten Castle Dungeon, at the top of the Cliffside Rapids Lucario Great Wall south of Rapid Falls Ryu Complete World Tour Zone at airport between Great Plateau and Mushroom Platforms, required Kapp’n Spirit Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle, west of Mushroom Platforms Wii Fit Trainer Lumiose City Inkling Console City, south of Lumiose City Fox Heart Pool Mountain, west of Ribbon Road Mega Man Metal Gear Base, south of Kongo Jungle, requires Hal Emmerich Spirit Snake Inside the Metal Gear Base Dungeon Duck Hunt Poison Woods Pichu Inside the Power Plant Zone, located in the Poison Woods Little Mac On the edge of Lumiose City, complete the Power Plant Zone to unlock his path Lucas Northwestern Town Ice Climbers Frozen Mountain, North of Northwestern Town Simon Temple of Light Zone, requires all three colored switches to be activated to lower barriers in the far northwest Pit Temple of Light Zone Falco Outer Space, north of the Frozen Mountain (Requires Slippy Toad Spirit) Samus Across the Canyon after clearing the Temple of Light Mr. Game & Watch Pac-Maze area, go through the teleporters to reach him Diddy Kong In the Jungle Japes Zone, East of the Pac-Maze Pokemon Trainer South of the Jungle Japes Zone Mii Gunner On the Alola Islands, requires the Lapras Spirit Toon Link In the Forest Hill Zone on the Alola Islands Shulk At the top of the Waterfall Peak, Northeast of the Pac-Maze Zero Suit Samus Near the peak of the Raging Volcano, Northeast of the Train Tracks Ness In the Magicant Land, North of the Great Canyon King Dedede In the Gourmet Race Zone, on the Floating Islands Northwest of the Raging Volcano

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