This Godzilla Toy Is Too Pointy – Up At Noon Episode 6

Hey! Wow, holy crap, you’re actually reading this. Welcome to Up At Noon, IGN’s dedicated weekend nonsense variety show, a catch-all for the silly goofball nonsense that’s too stupid for normal work hours.

This week, we got very excited about Godzilla: King of Monsters, a movie which we thought we’d be seeing on Thursday night, but which doesn’t come out until next weekend. My wife bought tickets for opening night because Brian and I are incapable of planning things ourselves, and we got so excited we forgot what week it was.

Bluefin sent over a very nice Godzilla S.H. Monsterarts action figure which is surprisingly pointy, and which you could probably use to pop balloons if that’s something you’re into. I know people get weird with balloons, but not sure if popping them with toys is a thing. But this is the internet, so you never know.

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