Vampyr Best Skills and Guide

This section covers all skills obtainable in Vampyr. Make sure to read the first section to see our recommendations on best skills. 

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EditBest Skills

As outlined in the Tips and Tricks page, it is recommended that you stick to one play style at a time, so that you can be sure that you are being as effective as possible during your play-through. There are, however, some skills that will greatly benefit you, regardless of which style you are playing (killing, or refraining).

The most important skill to upgrade quickly is your Stamina. This governs all movement and physical attacks in Vampyr, and running out of stamina can mean death for you – quickly. After that, make sure that your Blood Barrier is getting leveled up, as having that hit of armor is extremely useful as you go through the game.

From there, it’s really up to you how you want to proceed. If you are finding that enemies are killing you too quickly, upgrade your health. If you are playing a non-killing run, it is going to be more important to upgrade your passive stats in general since they will come into play much more often than active skills.

Read about each skill below to see our comments on its usefulness.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a few times during your play through, as you can always reset your skills for a small XP cost that raises each time you do it.(0/250/500/etc.)



This is a unique skill, because it doesn’t fit into any of the sections. It is however, your healing skill, and probably your most important power to have. For a very small blood cost, you will heal a fairly large amount of health.

XP Costs: 600/1300/2000/2700/3400



This is a defensive skill that will completely freeze opponents (yes, even bosses), for an amount of time, until they get hit. This allows you to either get a free hit on them, or focus on the other enemies while they are held in place. At higher levels you even have the choice to make this skill drain blood from your opponent, which is extremely useful! This skill is also completely free to use, which increases its usability!

XP Costs: 600/1300/2000/2700/3400

EditBlood Barrier

This is a defensive skill that will form a shield of blood around you, absorbing 1 hit at first, but can be leveled up to block up to 3. This skill is extremely strong, as it allows you to get in and do damage without worrying about the opponent being able to hit you back! This skill is also completely free to use, which increases its usability!

XP Costs: 600/1300/2000/2700/3400



This is your go to up close alternative to your melee weapons. It counts as a physical attack for defensive purposes, but is stronger than any weapon that you can find. It also doesn’t use stamina, so it can be useful to throw into your combos for some extra damage. At higher levels it can also drain blood to help reduce the cost of the attack.

XP Costs: 1000/2000/3000/4500/6000


This is your go to long distance alternative to guns. It counts as a Blood attack for defensive purposes, and is stronger than MOST guns you will get in the game. The range on this attack is also longer than the shotguns, and can pierce multiple enemies, making it better for crowd fights.

XP Costs: 1000/2000/3000/4500/6000

EditShadow Mist

Shadow Mist is an attack that sets a puddle below the enemy, and then after a short period of time, explodes, hitting all enemies in the blast zone. This is by far, the strongest of all of the aggressive skills, but keep in mind, it does take a while to come out. This attacks counts as a Shadow attack for defensive purposes.

XP Costs: 1000/2000/3000/4500/6000


This is a very unique tool that will fling you forward and cause Shadow damage on your target when you get there. Your advanced progression paths will either cause this to do more damage, or cause a massive amount of stun, which can be very useful if your game plan involves doing stun damage and going for bites.

XP Costs: 500/1000/1500/2250/3000

EditShadow Veil

This is a skill that will turn your character completely invisible and allow you to stay this way at the cost of stamina. This is a skill that at first seems extremely useful, but late game, it’s loses a lot of its usability due to the number of enemies who just completely nullify this skill, and for all the better uses of stamina and XP that there are.

XP Costs: 500/1000/1500/2250/3000

Ultimate skills are extremely powerful skills that have 0 cost, but have a huge amount of cooldown of them (99 seconds).


This is a skill that turns your character into a savage beast for a short period of time, dashing around, doing damage to anything it approaches. This is definitely the weakest of the Ultimates, but it is the best for crowd control, as the other skills only target 1 enemy at a time (they can hit multiple if they are in the blast radius though). This attack counts as a physical attack for defensive purposes.

XP Costs: 1000/2000/3000/4000/6000


This is the strongest skill in the entire game. This skill forms a puddle below the opponent, and then lifts them up, into the air, leaving them suspended for a short time (allowing for follow up attacks). Finally it slams them down on the ground, giving you plenty of time to reload your gun, or refill a little stamina. This attack counts as a shadow attack for defensive purposes.

XP Costs: 1000/2000/3000/4000/6000

EditBlood Cauldron

This is a damage over time skill, with an explosion at the end that can damage nearby enemies. The really cool thing about this skill is that it is a great compliment to your physical combos, since the explosion will disrupt them, allowing for effectively two separate openings to attack. This attack counts as a blood attack for defensive purposes.

XP Costs: 1000/2000/3000/4000/6000


All Passive Skills have XP Costs: 300/300/600/600/1000/1000/1500/1500/2000/2000

EditBody Condition

This increases the amount of health that you have. Very useful as you get later into the game, as enemies will kill you in 1 shot if you don’t upgrade this to some extent.

EditPhysical Prowess

This increases the amount of stamina that you have. This is by far the most important passive skill (and probably the best skill overall) to level up quickly. This is because everything that you do, requires stamina, and if you run out, you will be a sitting duck, unable to dodge, or attack.

EditHard Biting

This increases the damage that you do when you perform a bite attack on the enemy. Useful for normal enemies if you rely on biting for any reason.

EditFast Regeneration

This increases the amount of health that you take from the enemies when you perform a bite attack. This is nice, but is definitely less important than a lot of the other passive skills that you could put your XP into.

EditBlood Capacity

This increases the amount of blood that you can store. This is extremely useful if you use a lot of aggressive skills to get your damage.

EditBig Thirst

This increases the amount of blood that you regenerate when performing a bite attack on your enemies. This is only very useful if you perform a lot of aggressive skills AND fish for stun damage a lot, which is definitely a viable strategy.

EditMedical Bag

This upgrades the amount of medicines that you can hold. The default is 2. Honestly, the 3 types of medicines are very limited in their usage, which, in turn, makes this upgrade limited in its usage. There is a medicine that will upgrade your stamina regeneration rate, which would be good for trying to run through something quickly, but otherwise, spend your XP on something else.

EditCartridge Bag

This upgrades the amount of bullets that your guns can hold. This upgrade sounds wonderful, but it upgrades the ammo count at such a slow rate that you will really only get a few extra shots in at the maximum level of this skill. Ultimately, your XP is probably better spent elsewhere.

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